Infographic Vizions

Retrospektiv! Vizions 2017 – Infographic

May 5th 2017

We look back at Europe’s biggest platform conference

A few years ago, when Zalando was transitioning from pure e-commerce to Europe’s leading fashion platform, we realised that our transformation – and our ambition – was part of a larger European trend. ‘Becoming platform’ was mulled over in thousands of board rooms, cafés, and co-working spaces across the continent, but on a business to business level the discussion was lacking.

The seed for Vizions was planted: How do we kickstart this conversation?

We identified what we wanted: an open discussion about Europe’s position in the global trend and conversion towards platform, as well as an opportunity to advance the continent’s profile as a platform economy. A diverse and expert cache of speakers and hosts. A rich spread of attendees from the smallest companies to the most traditional businesses. Plus gallons and gallons of coffee.

What we achieved? All of the above, and so much more– we’ll let our infographic speak for itself. How did we do it? A passionate team, a lean content stream, and speakers and attendees who shared our enthusiasm and vision for an open, globally-minded, brave, innovative European platform economy.

We can’t wait to see what everyone has taken away from Vizions. After all, our goal was to be a disruptive force as a conference: taking a sledge-hammer to barriers to discussion.

Or, as we like to say at Vizions HQ: build platforms, not walls.

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