• 11.00
      • Communications in a Platform-Driven Economy

        Facebook, Uber, AirBnB or Zalando – these are just a few well-known players in the platform economy. Business models like these have the power to facilitate a market shift with a significant impact on traditional value chains. However, a majority of German C-level executives have never heard the term platform economy before (according to a BITKOM survey). Why? If platform business models are the foundation of our digital economy how can we communicate the importance of this development to relevant stakeholders? Is there are common agenda for companies, actors in the public and political space as well as platform operators? In an interactive panel we would like to explore, discuss and evaluate the role and the power of strategic brand and product communications in the platform economy. Which aspects have to be highlighted, which stakeholders and audiences need to be addressed and which strategies have to be implemented by whom?

    • 12.00
      • Can Startups Crowdsource Their Own Lobbying?

        European Policy Making on Online Platforms and Copyright: Will the EU Copyright reform screw up your next funding round? Join us for a workshop on the perils of this new reform. Allied for Startups will help you hack the political black box and understand what’s coming from Brussels. Be informed so you can assess how the reform might impact your business and make the right decisions for your Startup. More importantly, help to crowdsource startup-voices to change the copyright plans before it’s too late.

    • 13.30
      • Ask Me Anything - The VC Knowledge Bank
        13:30 - 14:00workshops
        • workshop

        “Ask Me Anything” session, where startups get to ask the questions and we put the VCs in the hot-seat!

    • 14.10
      • Increasing Consumer Engagement: The Future is Video
        14:10 - 14:25workshops
        • workshop

        Susan Danziger gives her expertise on videos place as a marketing medium.


    • 14.30
      • Distributed Commerce: Making Every Image a Storefront for Your Shop
        14:30 - 14:50workshops
        • workshop

        The major goal of distributed and connected commerce is to connect brand and shops with users wherever and whenever. Users expect a seamless and continuous experience across all platforms, apps and devices. The recent hype around chatbots, visual search apps and the launch of Instagram shoppable tags are creating an innovative ecosystem to bring a more powerful user experience.

    • 15.00
      • Fear, Fortune and a Little Bit of Food
        15:00 - 15:30workshops
        • workshop

        This talk will start with a look at Shivram’s story so far and then explore role fear, fortune and food play, in shaping our lives.

    • 15.30
      • The Rise of Voice Platforms
        15:30 - 16:00workshops
        • workshop

        There will be an estimated 33 million voice first devices in circulation in 2017.
        Voice as primary interface with computers will become mainstream, leading to a new era of “voice first”.