Philipp Leutiger

Senior Partner at Roland Berger

Philipp Leutiger, born in Wiesbaden, Germany, has been a Partner at Roland Berger in Munich and London since 2012. He advises companies in all operational and strategic matters concerning digital transformation. Originally focused on digital business models within the Media and Telecommunications industry, Philipp derives from this background and also provides digital strategy solutions to manufacturing companies and other industry segments.

The impact of digitalization along the four levers of digital data, automation, networking and digital customer interface are Philipp’s key activities. His focus lies on the European market. Philipp is also a member of the management team of Terra Numerata, the digital business platform of Roland Berger for European companies and economies. He studied business economics at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Before joining Roland Berger in 2010, Philipp worked for other consultancies, also advising on digital business models.


Driving in the Fast Lane: The Role of Mobility Platforms

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