1. The admission occurs only with a valid and personalized ticket (including QR Code) in digital or printed version. Admission to the event will only be granted if the event visitor is noted by name on the ticket. The organizer is authorized to demand the presentation of a the valid passport, identity card or driving license at the entry control.
  2. The organizer reserves the right to deny admission to the event for an important reason. In this case, the event visitor has only the right to reimbursement of the nominal value of the ticket, unless the refusal of entry is justified for an important reason in the name of the event visitor. Any further claim for damages is excluded unless the organizer acted with gross negligence or with intent. Admission to the event can be associated with waiting times, no claims for compensation arise from it.
  3. The organizer is entitled to carry out bag checks on entry and exit. Furthermore, the organizer is authorized to carry out searches, if the event visitor consents. If there is no consent, the organizer has the right to prohibit the attendance at the event. In case of a breach of legal requirements by individual visitors, the organizer is entitled to exclude them from the event and order them from the site. In this case, a reimbursement and damages is excluded insofar as gross negligence or intent can not itself be blamed on the organizer.
  4. If the event is canceled before the start, there is only a right to a refund of the face value of the ticket. The event can be canceled until the beginning without giving reasons. Any further claim for damages does not exist.
  5. The event will take place regardless of the weather, as long as the organizers can accept responsibility for the circumstances of the weather. If meteorological conditions present a danger to body and health, the event will be canceled immediately. In this case, as well as termination of the event for other reasons of force majeure, due to official orders or court decision, and the risk of event visitors by the misconduct of others or the threat of escalation, to large crowds of people, there is no refund or claim for damages, unless the organizer is charged with intent or gross negligence. The organizer reserves the right to restricting access to areas of the venue for safety reasons. No claims for damages arise from this.
  6. Compensation claims against the organizer due to negligence are excluded. This also applies to its legal representatives or its agents. This regulation does not cover damage due to injury to the body, life, health or because of a breach of contract, which in this case the claim for damages is limited to compensation for the foreseeable, typical damage. Further-reaching liabilities are excluded.
  7. It is prohibited to take glass containers of any kind, large packages, suitcases/bags and objects, plastic bottles, PET bottles and tetra packs with more than 0.5 liter capacity, own food and alcoholic beverages, bicycles and sports equipment, heavy containers, missile, flares, pyrotechnics, flammable liquids, aerosols and all kinds of weapons and other dangerous objects on the event site. Wearing clothing that covers the face is not allowed. The organizer may request that you deposit such objects and luggage before entering the event site, or, otherwise, to prohibit the attendance at the event.
  8. Animals are not allowed on the event site.
  9. The organizer is not liable for lost or stolen items.
  10. Taking photographs for private use is permitted in principle.
  11. By entering the event site the visitors irrevocably consent to the unpaid use of his image and his voice for photographs, live transmissions, broadcasts and/or recordings of image and/or sound, which are created by the organizer or his agents in connection with the event and their subsequent use in all current and future media (in particular in the form of tapes and disks, and their digital distribution, e.g. via the internet.
  12. The organizer reserves the right to change the event locally and/or with regard to the schedule, as it is reasonable for the visitor and will be announced with sufficient time prior to the event. He also reserves the right to change the program. Refusals or changes are announced by the organizer as early as possible and can take place also after the beginning of the event for an important reason. Claims for damages do not arise in that case unless the organizer acted grossly negligent or intentional.
  13. The single program offers take place at several different places of the event site, which partly restricted capacities in time and space. The visitors have no entitlement of participation in every singly program offer. Moreover, the organizer reserves the right to exclude single visitors from participation in the respective program offer after admittance into the event site, if this is necessary due to capacities.
  14. The organizer is not liable for lost or stolen items.
  15. Any commercial activity on the part of the event visitors is prohibited without prior written consent of the organizer.
  16. On the whole show grounds the organizer or third parties commissioned by the organizer are responsible for house rules and regulations.
  17. At the event site, the provisions of the law on protection of minors in public apply.
  18. Children aged up to 15 years only have access to the event when accompanied by an authorized person having custody or a person with parental authority. A person in charge of education can be any person over 18 years, as far as he/she fulfills permanent or temporary duties in agreement with the person having custody or if he/she takes care of a child or a young person under the education or youth services (§ 1 Abs. 1 Nr. 4 JuSchG).
  19. Aged 16 and over have until 12 pm midnight unless accompanied by a legal guardian or legal representative to attend the event. Persons in charge of Education shall carry a written record of their responsibility and present a copy of the identity card of the person having custody on request.
  20. For the organizers, compliance with applicable data protection rules in the context of the personalization of the tickets is a matter of course. The organizer uses the data in accordance with statutory provisions, in the execution of the contract.
  21. In any dispute on contract or by law – insofar as legally permissible – the agreed jurisdiction is Berlin; German law applies.
  22. If a clause is invalid, the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Instead of the invalid clause, the statutory regulation steps in.