Photo Essay Vizions

Picture Perfect: Vizions 2017 – A Photo Essay

May 2nd 2017

Vizions 2017 may be over but we’re still reliving the many highs from the event, including MC Paul Haye’s non-stop banter, the inspiring and insightful wall-to-wall content, and Kraftwerk’s deeply cool setting. Let us walk you through a few moments from the big day.

Images by Dan Taylor.
Although it was snowing the day before, the sun is out when the doors open on Europe's biggest platform conference.
Our check-in volunteers are all smiles and ready to go!
Zalando co-CEO, Rubin Ritter opens Vizions 2017. "Being a conference about platforms, it was clear to us that Vizions itself has to work like a platform."
Natalia Brzezinski of Symposium Stockholm takes to the stage to host our first fireside chat of the day with Make Love Not Porn CEO, Cindy Gallop.
And it's a full house as Cindy Gallop imparts her wisdom. "When you demonstrate that you trust and believe in your people, they will rise to that belief and they will deliver the business results you're looking for."
Time for a quick coffee and some networking in the Vizions café.
"The 'Pumpkins are a great example of a bootstrap company." Jimmy Chamberlin draws parallels between the Smashing Pumpkins' independent beginnings and current tech founders.
Meanwhile on the Holodeck stage, Alexander Graf of Spryker Systems talks about the future of e-commerce to a packed room.
Time for some necessary refuelling. No cold hotdogs and weak tea at Vizions; we're all about Hawaiian salmon bowls, waffles on sticks, smoothies and the elixir of the gods: coffee.
Google's VP Central Europe, Philipp Justus emphasizes that the need for speed is central to becoming "mobile first". "Where we are right now: every second counts."
Berlin-ception: Our Social Media team gets meta.
Paranoid about androids? Panelists Vivienne Ming, Moshe Vardi, Renaud Visage and Jason Warner talk to WIRED's Nikolas Roettger about AI's impact on humans.
And on the Launchpad stage, Head of EMEA, Vanessa Belleau shares her experience from WGSN on the power of video.
Our cafés, couches, beanie bags and charging stations are a great place to mingle and relax. 24 hours of content in one day can take it out of you!
"You've been adequate. I've been amazing." Paul Hayes charms and disarms as host and MC.
"Are you driven by your own motivation more than you care what other people think?" Vivienne Ming of SOCOS drops non-stop inspiration in her fireside chat about AI and Machine Learning on the mainstage.
With the final panel on the the next big thing in tech drawing to a close, that's a rap on Europe's platform conference! 24 hours of content, 97 speakers, and 2,000 cups of coffee after the opening remarks, glasses are raised for a successful day!
Which means one very happy production team!
So we guess it's time to do what Berliners do best: party!

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